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Fire from ice: Gas hydrate next hot play?: Research team heads to Arctic to look for ways to tap frozen bonanza (Sept 30, 2006, Edmonton Journal)
"About 70 engineers, researchers and drillers will spend almost a month at Mallik this winter, drilling down 1,300 metres to test techniques to depressurize hydrates."

Tapping into cool fuel of the future: International team plans $45 million expedition to the Canadian Arctic to explore ways of harvesting gas hydrates (Sept 30, 2006, Vancouver Sun)
"High pressure and cold temperatures are needed to trigger formation of the lattice cages made of water
molecules that trap the methane gas."

Unearthing new energy: Gas hydrate could surpass conventional reserves (April 2, 2007, News North NWT)
"The site on Mallik Bay is arguably the best described and best characterized deposits in the world, Applejohn said."

Scientists tapping Arctic Ocean Methane as potential cleaner energy source (February 2008, CBC News)
"About a kilometer underneath that rig is 113.3 billion cubic metres of methane, frozen in an ice-like state under about 600 metres of permafrost."

Researchers extract methane gas from under permafrost (March 2008, Northern News Service)
"As a fuel, methane is much cleaner burning than gasoline or oil. If countries like Japan could tap into gas hydrates they could significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions."

Fire in the ice (Summer 2008, Us Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory)
"The 2008 testing program at Mallik confirmed that continuous gas flow ranging from 2000 to 4000 m3/day was maintained throughout the course of the six-day (139-hour) test."

Press Release

.... "six days consecutive gas production with the depressurization method was achieved."

March 27, 2008 Japan Oil Gas and Metals Corporation (English)
March 27, 2008 Japan Oil Gas and Metals Corporation (Japanese)




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CBC, Quirks and Quarks interview: Mining Methane with Scott Dallimore

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